Apollo Smart Oil Monitor / Gauge - New Model with build-in fuel theft alarm.
Apollo Smart Oil Monitor / Gauge - New Model with build-in fuel theft alarm. Apollo Smart Oil Monitor / Gauge - New Model with build-in fuel theft alarm. Apollo Smart Oil Monitor / Gauge - New Model with build-in fuel theft alarm. Apollo Smart Oil Monitor / Gauge - New Model with build-in fuel theft alarm.
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The smarter way to monitor your home heating costs. With the price of oil continually on the rise it pays to monitor how much heating oil you are using. The Apollo Smart oil gauge allows you to view the remaining fuel level in your oil tank from the comfort and convenience of your home or office, however it also tracks and records your fuel oil usage, so it can display:

  • Average daily heating costs in Pounds or Euro
  • Average daily CO2 Emissions in kgCO2 from your heating system.
  • Average daily fuel oil consumption in litres

The Apollo Smart is easy to install and does not require any specialist tools or equipment, most DIY enthusiasts can install one easily. The transmitter unit on your oil tank includes its own LCD display, which can be used by the fuel delivery personnel to monitor the level of fuel inside the tank before, during and after refuelling. This helps to prevent overfills of the oil tank which can be costly to clean up. The Apollo Smart is an ideal addition to any domestic fuel tank, but is especially useful for oil tanks that are hard to access or for people with limited mobility. So take control of your home heating costs with the Apollo Smart.

Now also with the new added Alarm enhancement, should the transmitter detect a sudden drop of fuel inside the tank outside normal consumption conditions (such as: theft, tank leak), it will automatically alert the Smart receiver unit to the event which will then sound an audible alert to warn the owner.

How it works:

  • The setup of the Apollo Smart oil gauge is very easy. There are only two components involved. Ensure you read the installation instructions fully before you attempt to install it.
  • The transmitter unit fits to most oil tanks (screws supplied), and many modern oil tanks come with a pre drilled hole for installing oil gauges. It transmits the readings to the indoor monitor via secure wireless connection which has a 200 metre line of sight range, and is not as susceptible to interference as other radio frequencies.
  • The receiver unit plugs conveniently into a standard power outlet. It is small, discreet and consumes very little power, so you can leave it plugged in all the time in any room of your home or office. The receiver unit displays the level of fuel in your oil tank in an easy to read bar graph. If the level of oil in your tank gets too low an audible alarm will sound, notifying you that you will need to get a refill of home heating oil as soon as possible.


Product Features:

  • Fits most oil tanks up to 3 metres tall.
  • Easy to install, no professional installer required.
  • Accurate and reliable readings.
  • Easy to read results on the receiver unit via LCD display.
  • Alarm sounds if the fuel oil level is too low.
  • Ideal for monitoring home heating oil and diesel.
  • Integral USB connectivity allows data to be uploaded to almost any PC.
  • Build -In Fuel Alarm



The Apollo Fuel Level Monitor is suitable for use with any oil tank up to 3 metres tall, storing heating oil and diesel – but suitable too for a wide range of liquids including admixtures, agricultural fuel oil, anti-freeze, biodiesel, bio heating oil, fuel oil, detergents, lubricants, waste oil and water.

Apollo Tank Anti-Theft Sticker

Package Contents:

  • Apollo Visual Oil Tank Transmitter x1
  • Apollo Smart Indoor Receiver with USB cable x1
  • Screws x2
  • Apollo Smart Installation Instruction x1
  • 230V UK/IE AC Adapter
  • On tank warning sticker.



Apollo Smart Installation Instruction

Apollo Smart Product Manual


Important Information:

Please note the Apollo Smart is not Weight & Measures Approvaed and is unsuitable for retail sale of fuel or any other liquid. 

Monitor Specification
Displays Fuel Level Yes
Displays Warning Message (when its time to reorder) Yes
Warning Beeps (when its time to reorder) Yes
Displays remaining litres in the tank Yes
Displays Fuel Used: per day, week, 30 days, 365 days Yes
Displays day to empty Yes
Displays average cost in € and £ Yes
Displays CO2 emmisions Yes
Displays room temperarture Yes
Integral USB connectivity In development
Transmitter Specification
LCD Display Yes
Displays Fuel Level Yes
Overfills Indicator Yes
Min. and Max Operation Temperature -10°C to +60°C
Battery Life 5 years (estimated life)
Technical Specification
Dimensions Apollo Smart Transmitter: 140mm x 70mm x 40mm Apollo Smart Monitor: 120mm x 90mm x 50mm
Tank Depth Measurement Minimum Depth: 0.5m Maximum Depth: 3m
Max Communication Distance Typically 150m in normal "line of sight" conditions
Wireless Communication 433MHz FM Transmission (EN300-220)
Power Supply Transmitter: 3V LiMn Cell, CR2450 Monitor: Mains Power Supply (included) 150V-240V, 50-60 Hz, meets EN60335
Hole Size For Fitting Transmitter 32mm diameter
Warranty 12 months

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